Property Management


At Dublin Property Management, we pride ourselves in providing the very best service to Property Owners. Our friendly staff are here to help you today.


Our Property Management agents are fully qualified to help deliver expert advice to all our clients. We can help guide your business to success. ‚Äč


  • We give Expert, FREE, Friendly advice.
  • Advise property owner in every aspect of Property Letting / Management .   
  • Give accurate and honest appraisals.
  • Help to make your property ready to rent.    
  • Start a FREE aggressive marketing program.
  • Expose each property to many tenants.
  • Pursue all leads and inquiries. 
  • Be available for all showings 6 days/ Evenings per week. 


Screen Applicants




Selecting the right tenant for your property is critical.

  • All applications are completely verified by us.
  • Prior to showing, our prospective tenants are pre-qualified and an appointment is made.
  • Thorough review of tenant's rental history.
  • Verification of current employment and income.
  • Contact previous landlord to verify payment history and care of property.
  • We contact you with the above information and make our recommendations.
Move in new Tenant


Once your new Tenant has been selected there are a few final things left to make sure that they and you are happy and we make sure that everything else is completed, as they say - No job is complete until the paperwork is done!


  • Prepare all your rental, lease agreements & RTB paperwork
  • We change utilities, i.e. Bord Gais , Electric Ireland into new Tenants names. 
  • Collect first month's rent and security deposit.
  • Standing orders are set up in house, by our staff to help ensure that rent is paid on time, in ONE sum every month.
  • Instruct tenant to take care of your property.
Property Inspections


Here at Dublin Property Management we feel property inspections are VITAL

  • Periodic inspections of all managed properties are made to ensure tenants are maintaining and adhering to the terms of the rental agreement.
  •  When a unit is signed on a one-year lease, inspections are carried out three - four times during the course of the contract.
  • You will be provided with photographs of your property, along with inspection reports. 
  • Exterior drive-by's are carried out also .  




  • We set up all bank payments in house to ensure that your rent is paid, on time, every month, in one sum. 
  • We can advise on any payments related to your rented property i.e. mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc. 
Maintain your property
  • We provide fast and economical repairs including painting, new  carpet, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Use trusted, independent contractors and handymen at reduced rates.
  • We provide you with a 24-hour emergency service, 365 days per year.
Keep Tenants Happy


  • Our courteous professional staff will treat all tenants with respect and dignity.
  • We offer fast service for all work orders, maintenance calls and tenant questions.

Selected Properties

Amien Sq,
Amien Sq,


Available Now - Large 2 Bed Apt, Top floor (lift in complex) Roof Garden, SECURE UNDERGROUND PARKING & BINS INCLUDED IN RENT!!! 

Rent: € 1525.00 per Month
Greeg Court, Parnell St, Dublin 1
Greeg Court, Parnell St, Dublin 1


Superb two bedroom apartment to let! Excellent condition .

Rent: € 1725.00 per Month